Unique Machinery

High-quality Australian machinery that has been tried and tested to produce fantastic results in minimal time. If you have a deadline, we’ll meet it!

Decades of Experience

The Director has more than 10 years of experience in the professional film industry, with a comprehensive understanding of what components create quality footage.

Competitive Pricing

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get quality results, we strive to make our service accessible by offering the most affordable prices on the market! Call us for a quote.

Free Trial Film

We believe that you have the right to try before you buy, so we offer a free trial film to see how well your old film converts using our advanced technology!

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About Us

Sublime Video Productions are the specialists in film backup & DVD conversions. Our aim is to provide you with a convenient way to future-proof all of your most precious memories by merging them into a format which is compatible with evolving technologies. We achieve this using leading-edge equipment that has been tried and tested to produce high-quality results: the Tobin Cinema System.

A 10 year background in professional film production led to the development of our new studio space, which is available for hire for absolutely anyone looking for a productive space to escape to if you’re not ready to make a long-term renting commitment. Our studio is equipped with all the resources and amenities you need see any type of project through from end to end, with plenty of scope for collaboration.

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Our Services






Old Tape


8mm & 16mm Film

Organise your free film trial to see why we’re the experts in quality film conversion!

Convenience for our Customers

Step 1

Make the Initial Contact

Contact us via email or over the phone and we’ll respond as soon as possible with a rough cost estimation and the T&Cs on your free trial.

Step 2

Drop Off Your Media

Drop off the device your media is currently on, meet our friendly Director and receive a brief rundown of the processes involved in converting the media to your preferred format.

Step 3

Wait 10 Working Days

You’ll be waiting no longer than 10 days for your media to be fully converted to its new format. If you have an earlier deadline, let us know and we’ll see what we can arrange for you.

Step 4

Come & Collect Your Media

When you arrive, we’ll have your media ready and waiting! We also provide on-going support to take care of any issues you encounter.