About Our Studio

Are you looking for a peaceful, productive space to tackle your workload? Or perhaps you need access to additional resources to help with productions and creative projects? Our studio space is equipped with convenient and reliable resources & equipment to facilitate a collaborative and dynamic atmosphere. Whether we’re accommodating a group or an individual, it’s the perfect place to isolate yourself from the usual hustle and bustle of home, work, school or uni and give you space to think. Some of the features we’ve incorporated to convenience our guests include:

  • Multiple accessible power points
  • Effective heating and air-conditioning
  • Accessible parking (1 space for hirers)
  • Toilets & kitchen amenities.

Learn More About The Rooms

Hot Office

Description: Looking for quiet and inspiring work space to help get the ball rolling with one of your projects? Our hot desk is the ideal solution, with all the equipment and resources needed to bolster productivity. The best part, you’re not locked into a contract, the space is always kept tidy and you can effectively come and go when it suits you! Enquire to check the availability of our hot desk today.

Room Dimensions: 3.91m x 3.97m

Meeting Room

Description: Having access to a meeting room for team collaboration is a game changer. Our space is suitable for project, assignment or workplace planning and management. You get all the privacy you need with access to our kitchen utilities and amenities, as well as male and female bathrooms. Renting your meeting room gives you loads of flexibility, and you’re only paying for the amount of time you use it!

Room Dimensions: 4.30m x 4.10m

Makeup Room

Description: The best part about our studio hire is having all your needs covered in the single location. Our makeup room is equipped with two desks that have contemporary mirror globes around the edge for sufficient lighting, a large window for added natural light, and additional seating for guests. We welcome you to utilise this space any way you like, with additional access to our video editing suite which incorporates a green screen and professional photography lighting.

Room Dimensions: 4.38m x 3.81m

Video Editing Studio

Description: Through experience, we recognise that video production and editing is a tedious task that requires lots of concentration and creative output. That’s why we’ve introduced a video editing suite that is purpose-designed, and perfect for freelance creators who aren’t quite ready to commit to a full-time space. Even if it’s just a once-off, give it a try and see if the experience has a positive impact on your productivity!

Room Dimensions: 4.31 m x 4.13m


Description: For your convenience, we also have a kitchen which is available to utilise with any rented space. With all the standard resources including a fridge, microwave, coffee machine and sink, you can get a welcome break from work without having to fork out or lose too much time in the day. We always keep our amenities clean and tidy to meet hygiene and safety standards.

Room Dimensions: 2.61m x 2.85m


Description: No office is complete without a reception, so we also offer this area for hire to professionally greet co-workers, customers or guests. This enables you to carry out work as per normal without the pressure of making any long-term financial commitments.

Room Dimensions: 3.92m x 3.96m

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